Urbs Indomita: The Indomitable City

Upon its settlement, Sacramento Calif. was given the nickname "Urbs Indomita" (The Indomitable City) because its citizens where not easily subdued. The city's early settlers did not surrender to the natural disasters or disease that plagued the region in which they desired to thrive, literally moving the American River – and raising their city above it – to create a viable community. Over 150 years later, that fighting spirit and will to endure still lives in California's capitol. Urbs Indomita Magazine and Urbsindomita.com are tributes to Sacramento's rich history and fighting spirit, as well as a celebration of its culture, landmarks and prodigies.
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Kayden Kross is an adult film actress, columnist, and author.  She was born and raised in Sacramento and studied psychology at Sac State prior to getting into the adult entertainment industry.  Kross is known among her peers and fans for invalidating stereotypes

She is a regular contributor for Complex, a popular fashion & lifestyle magazine for young men and maintains a blog of her own.  Her short story Plank was published in the e-book Forty Stories in July of 2012. 

Kross has acted as a lobbyist for her industry and gone on record strongly opposing Measure B.  In 2011 CNBC listed her as one of the twelve most popular adult stars in the world.  She is currently working on an autobiography and lobbying against legislation that would require adult entertainers to wear condoms in their scenes.

Fun Fact: Kayden is an animal lover and got her start in the adult entertainment industry dancing at a Sacramento gentleman’s club to earn money and purchase a pony scheduled to be sent to slaughter.  She still owns multiple horses and rescues several animals a year.

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